A new version of "The lost D-Day film"! A month ago I voluntarily wrote a film score for this documentary as a film composer.
Now, I worked a few days to add the "sounds of war" to this film. It became a realistic documentary about what happened on D-Day, June 6th, 1944 on the Normandy Coast in France.
This documentary is made with footage only recently (a few years ago) discovered in the American Archive. The music and sound design are all from me, Fred Vogels. I am very proud that I can bring this historical moment in history to you. I hope you enjoy and please share this historical documentary.
The text I published before: The lost D-Day film finished by Fred Vogels. This is a picture compilation of some of the actions that took place from D-Day to D plus 3. No attempt has been made to show the relative participation of the various services. Scenes have been selected from material submitted by them.
Створений протягом декількох днів після висадки в Нормандії Верховним штабом Об'єднаних експедиційних сил (SHAEF), наступні документальні кадри були визнані секретними, призначеними для показу лише для військового керівництва безпосередньо після вторгнення.
Hurriedly prepared and edited without music, effects, or ambient sound, the film was screened for Mr. Winston Churchill and copies have flown to both President Roosevelt and Mr. Stalin.
Хоча лише неясно згадуються в каталозі фільмів Армійського корпусу сигналу, окремі та непослідовні котушки були знову відкриті та перекомпільовані дослідниками в Президентській бібліотеці Ейзенхауера в 2014 році.
Дякую за перегляд!
Fred Vogels, Award-winning composer and webmaster of this website.

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